Shakil and Knudsen ate gravlax.

Bad weather discouraged them from going on a picnic.

Leung had a great weekend.

Who would you like to fall in love with?

Stop playing hard to get.

They dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

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I'm a fan of your work.

The two sisters lived very quietly.

This will take some time.

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If you want to understand people, you shouldn't take any notice of what they say.

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I thought Vijay wasn't going to be here today.

Himawan is really a great guy.

You know who they are, right?

Jeanette can't tie his shoelaces by himself.

Briggs can't find anyone to help him.

It appeared as if the work would not be finished in a year.

This is just the beginning.

I believe that his action was in the right.

He visits those who are sick.

We met a traffic jam on the way.

The people listened to the speaker attentively.

They say that Zen strengthens our mind.

And so the man came in.

Did you buy the pomegranate juice?

That might not be as heavy as you think it's going to be.

She sprained both of her wrists in the fall.

You'd better be prepared.

I've done what you've requested.

My parents were sitting under the tree.

This house is very big, isn't it?

She shot a gun.

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I cannot fish on the lake. It's forbidden.


He is bigger than all the other boys.

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Mohammad, be reasonable.


What contemporary authors do you like?

What did you have in mind?

His misfortunes caused him great bitterness.

Mr. Children is very popular among young people.

Kay doesn't really act like a thirteen-year-old.

I can see his hand in this.

Daren picked the envelope up off the coffee table.

Why was Murat frightened?

May happiness knock early at your door, April.

You're so mean.

"Where does it hurt?" "Everywhere."

Our plane was cancelled because of adverse weather conditions.

She accepted our invitation.

I've hired a private tutor to help me practice my German conversation.

Make it short.

Monty promised he wouldn't be late.

Do you know what else is wrong?

She was a great help to me.

He is not studying English now.

Be careful that you don't offend Martin.

I am dressed in red from head to toe.

To tell the truth, that actor is married.

The blood quickly drained from her face.


Gale was too old.


There's someone behind her.

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I brush my teeth after breakfast.

The teacher acknowledged the pupil with a smile.

Santa Claus was an Anatolian saint.

He left his umbrella in the bus.

Mr. White was the manager of a hotel in Springfield.

Paola helped Darci put her coat on.

If everybody just added perfect sentences, this project would never be that interactive and interesting.

Brett felt nothing.

What's your favorite thing about the Christmas season?

Soft music is often conducive to sleep.

Sanand must be a good teacher. All of his students seem to like him.

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We really did try.


She is used to cooking.

Why does this happen?

I've always distrusted them.

Sangho is in the restroom.

"Why did The do that?" "Beats me."

Cole watched Donald put sugar in her coffee.

It took me some time to persuade her.

I'm looking forward to seeing you before long.

Your lives are in danger if you stay here.

The man finally confessed.

Reiner shouted.

This is definitely not what I had in mind.

This year has been a lucky one for him.


Jean-Christophe injured himself playing rugby.

This new song is a big hit.

It must've been awful.


They bound him to a pole.


Niall lives in Dublin.

Let's find her.

I got acquainted with the chief executive.


Edmund is going to wash the car tomorrow.

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Ravindranath got into the elevator.

You just saved me a lot of time.

The cry roused me from my sleep.

When was the last time you came to visit daddy?

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think you'd go out with me.

This accident resulted from the carelessness of the driver.

What are you planning to do this weekend?

What are Those's true intentions?

He doesn't sleep anymore.

I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.

I move that the witness be summoned on Monday.

You might want to lose a few pounds.

Lions dwell in Africa.

I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Am I supposed to believe that you did the best you could?

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Let her get some rest.


I let him talk.


I was forced to abandon the plan.

When I heard that she was cured, my heart was full of gratitude.

There was a country song playing on the jukebox.

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The money is gone.


It takes more time to prepare the car for getting painted than it takes for the actual paint job itself.

Larry made some mistakes in the test.

We have never heard him sing the song.

Marie is not ready.

Magnus stopped the car.

I don't want to comment.

Those present were almost all women.

Would you mind if I sit with you?

Can you guess my age?

I don't think Lui will ever speak to me again.

God must love the rich or he wouldn't divide so much among so few of them.

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I'm slightly worried about you.

Calm down and tell me what happened.

It's great to win.

I am sorry, the line is busy. Shall I call again?

Does what Vincent said make sense?

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They fooled me.

I succeeded in reaching the top of the mountain.

Everybody except the Anderson family is going to the party next Thursday evening.

A bat is no more a bird than a rat is.

She hates insects.

Is it so wrong to enjoy life this much?

Shai never said anything about Kimmo being here.

Rusty isn't yet sure what Herb wants to do.

Don't listen to him.


Wolf gave Sigurd some good advice about how to write songs.

When she was a kid, Lewis used to take great delight in dressing her little brother up as a girl.

Maybe you could draw me a picture.

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It doesn't matter whether she admits her guilt or not.

Hermes gave humans modesty and justice.

Can I see you outside?

The sun was hidden in the moon's shadow.

I had seen little of Carisa lately.


Would you please stop pacing around like that and just sit down for a second?

Can I see you for a sec?

That wasn't part of the deal.

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She met him three years ago.

Could Ethan have been saved?

I have difficulty urinating.

Beckie was trained as a doctor.

Why are you interested in me?


Please try one.

We listen to the radio.

I'm Rainer's bodyguard.

She bore her grief with dry eyes.

It's not deep enough.


Lose some weight.

Ann wrote poems when he was in high school.

Joubert hesitated to bring up the subject.

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Betty wants to be loved.


I've known Jim since my childhood.

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Werner has been waiting for us for the past thirty minutes.


He was very well known.